David Nartey (achieves the first ever ODF in Akatsi South)

David Nartey’s comparatively meagre achievement of ten ODF communities in his district rather speaks volumes of what he has under his sleeves for a clean district.

He was appointed the Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) Focal Person in 2016 when the district went into full-scale implementation, two years after the approach had been piloted in the district with no ODF record. By May 2018, he had worked with his team to make ten communities ODF while six more were being prepared for regional verification. In fact, all the six communities targeted in his first year as Focal Person were officially declared ODF by the end of that same year.

The heavily under-resourced CLTS team comprising six Field Facilitators, three Sanitation Guards, and two Community Development Officers, have access to only two motor bikes for field work.

Having worked to earn a very keen support from the District Coordinating Director, he has been able to improve coordination through regular meetings of the District Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee on Sanitation (DICCS). He has also been able to convince the District Chief Executive of the potential of CLTS in making the district ODF after thoroughly briefing him on the programme. On account of this he had managed to get the company of the District Chief Executive in a few community visits.

He also requests for field updates on daily bases from his field staff and provides weekly updates and monthly reports to the regional office.

He is ambitious and currently working towards a target of 75 ODF communities by the end of 2018 and districtwide ODF by end of 2019.

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