Nana Akua (finding a breakthrough in Gomoa East)

Due to the fast pace of urbanization of communities close to Accra, the Gomoa East seems more urban now than rural. Having been assigned the CLTS Field Facilitator in the Dominase Area Council of the Gomoa East District, Nana Akua Gaisie faces a tough challenge with the application of CLTS principles in most of her communities. Yet she is undaunted and applies multiple strategies to march the district towards an ODF status. In the very rural communities, she is able to identify with the people by sometimes even assisting them on their farms. On several occasions she has had to spend whole days in some communities just waiting for a few target persons or households to trigger them or monitor their progress. She also sometimes provides physical support to needy households to ensure progress in the community. On several occasions, she undertakes field visits with personal funds and in public transport when district official resources are exhausted. She also introduced free soap-making training that has benefited three communities at her own cost.

“I do not really count the number of days officially allocated to me. They are never sufficient. I just focus on the result I want and keep visiting till I see a change,” she says.

In the process, Nana Akua has been able to convert three communities into ODF status within one year.

In the more urbanized communities, Nana Akua applies law enforcement in addition to sensitization. In communities around Nyanyano, she has applied law enforcement to some extent and has managed to get a few landlords to construct toilets even in the absence of a Circuit Court in the area. According to her, once the district gets a Circuit Court, she believes the prosecution strategy will enhance the ODF agenda in her Area Council.

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