Welcome to the engine room

The Social Drive’s Secretariat is established within the Department of Community Development. Its primary role is to coordinate and expand the child protection network, strengthen its potential and ensure implementation quality. The secretariat consists of a team of four spearheaded by a Brands Manager; others include the Programmes Officer, Tthe ICT/Communication and Social Media Officer and the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. The secretariat works closely with a board of advisers called the Technical Working Committee (TWC).

The TWC’s role is to advise the secretariat in line with inputs received from various working groups consisting of Family & Community, Safe Schools and Family Based Care. The committee will ensure the Social Drive’s supporters’ voices are represented. The committee will also help to attune the Social Drive’s offer with the needs and requirements at community level, and to facilitate synergies and coordination between the national, regional and district level, as well as across the three strands. The committee members will provide technical direction, and substantive inputs in the behaviour and social change component of the child protection system strengthening process in Ghana.