Welcome to the Northern Region, the largest region in Ghana, the land of famous Kingdoms, rich architectural heritage and famous tourist sites.

Regional ODF Brief

The Northern Region has 28 districts including one Metropolis. The region has so far demonstrated great interest in fighting open defecation especially through the CLTS approach and also through law enforcement.

As at November, 2019, about 2,494 of the total number of 4,358 communities had been declared ODF from a mere 205 ODF communities in 2016. All the 28 MMDAs in the region are implementing the CLTS approach.

The Northern Region is the first to have started publishing an inter-district ODF league table and since July 2016, the Regional Coordinating Council has published the league every six months till date.

The Tatale-Sanguli District and the Mion District have been the two most performing districts so far in the fight against open defecation. Mion has won the League on three occasions, while Tatale-Sanguli is the current champions.

UNICEF, World Vision, Global Communities, IDA, Plan Ghana, are among the major partners in the region’s fight against open defecation.

In 2018, a Ghana Statistical Service survey reported that the Region had achieved a reduction of open defecation from 72% to 57%.

Number of communities
Number of ODF communities
Number of districts
Number of ODF districts


1st        Tatale-Sanguli        90%
2nd      Mion                           88%
3rd       Chereponi                87%
4th       East Mamprusi       83%
5th       Sawla Tuna Kalba  82%
6th       Kpandai                     75%
7th       Zabzugu                      75%
8th       Nanumba North      74%
9th       Gushegu                      72%
10th     Karaga                        72%
11th      Yendi                          63%
12th     West Mamprusi      62%
13th     Saboba                        59%
14th     Bole                              58%
15th     Central Gonja           57%
16th     Bunkprugu                54%
17th     East Gonja                 54%
18th     Mamprugu M.          48%             
19th     Tolon                           46%
20th    Kumbungu                46%
21st     Nanumba South       46%
22nd   West Gonja                37%
23rd    Nanton                        33%
24th    Savelugu                     32%
25th    North Gonja               32%
26th    Yunyoo                         31%
27th    Tamale Metro            28%
28th    Sagnarigu                    24%     


Bole District
Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo District
Central Gonja District
Chereponi District
East Gonja District
East Mamprusi District
Gushegu District
Karaga District
Kpandai District
Kumbungu District
Mamprugo Moaduri District
Mion District
Nanton District
Nanumba North District
Nanumba South District
North Gonja District
Saboba District
Sagnarigu District
Savelugu Municipal District
Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District
Tamale Metropolitan District
Tatale Sangule District
Tolon District
West Gonja District
West Mamprusi District
Yendi Municipal District
Zabzugu District