Welcome to the Volta Region, which blends beautiful natural scenes of famous mountains, famous rivers with famous people.

Regional ODF Brief

The Volta Region has 25 districts including five municipalities and 20 districts. As at November 2019, 560 communities had been certified as ODF out of the total of 4393 communities in the region.

The Kadjebi District is among the best performing districts in the region in terms of ODF achievement. The Kpando and Hohoe Municipalities also have appreciable ODF records.

The Volta Region is reported to be one of the first regions where the national CLTS scale-up efforts started on a large scale in 2012. The major partners involved in fighting open defecation in the region include UNICEF, Global Communities, Plan Ghana and World Vision.

Number of communities
Number of ODF communities
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Number of ODF districts


The Volta Region does not yet publish a region-wide inter-district ODF League Table. The UNICEF-supported districts have, however, done so on a few occasions.