Upper West

Welcome to the Upper West, where the people live peacefully in ethnic and religious diversity.

Regional ODF Brief

The Upper West Region has eleven districts including two municipalities. Out of the 1167 total number of communities, 723 had been verified as ODF as at November, 2019. All eleven MMDAs are implementing CLTS to help eradicate open defecation and improve general environmental cleanliness. From 72% ODF rate in 2011, according to a Ghana Statistical Service nationwide survey, the Upper West Region witnessed the fastest reduction in open defecation rates to 52% in 2018.

The Nandom District of the Upper West Region is so far the only district that has been officially declared ODF (in March 2019) in the entire country. Other districts doing very well include Lawra, Lambussie, Wa West, and Daffiama Bussie Issa.

Number of communities
Number of ODF communities
Number of districts
Number of ODF districts


1ST Nandom 91%

2ND Lawra Mun 68.2.%

3RD Lambussie 57.3%

4TH Wa West 56.3%

5TH Daffiama Bussie Issa 53.6%

6TH Sissala West 49.9%

7TH Nadowli Kaleo 44.6%

8TH Wa East 25.5%

9TH Sissala East 11.7%

10TH Jirapa Mun 6.9%

11TH Wa Municipal 1.2%