Upper East

Welcome to Upper East, the home of diverse tourist attractions, rich culture and a dancing people.

Regional ODF Brief

The Upper East Region has 13 districts all of which are implementing the CLTS approach to end open defecation. As at November 2018, 907 of the total of 1990 communities had been officially declared ODF. Upper East is among the first few regions that bought into the CLTS idea and started implementing with keen interest. The Garu Tempane District has always been a front liner in the region’s ODF agenda. Other best performing districts include the Bawku Municipal Assembly, Binduri, and Kassena Nankana West.

The Regional Coordinating Council has set December 2019 as the deadline to eradicate open defecation in the region and has developed a roadmap to provide direction.

UNICEF, World Vision, and IDA are among the major partners supporting the region to fight open defecation.

Number of communities
Number of ODF communities
Number of districts
Number of ODF districts


1ST Garu Tempane 54.81%

2ND Binduri 37.69.%

3RD Bawku West 36.14%

4TH Kassena Nankana West 23.55%

5TH Bongo 22.28%

6TH Bawku Mun 21.74

7TH Builsa South 19.64%

8TH Pusiga 18.11%

9TH   Builsa North 17.24%

10TH Talensi 15.18%

11TH Nabdam 7%

12TH Bolgatanga 7%

13TH Kassena Nankana Mun 5.71%