Sanitation Marketing


Increasing understanding by communities to stop open defecation also leads to a corresponding increase in the demand for household toilets. Ghana’s current efforts at eradicating open defecation (mainly through the Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) Approach, discourages free or subsidized supply of household toilets. It is believed that when people truly understand the need to stop open defecation, they demonstrate that through construction of their own latrines at a cost within their means. In the past when projects provided free or subsidized toilets, communities were unable to stop open defecation and continued to rely on external support for toilets.

Sanitation Marketing has therefore been identified as a way to provide sustainable supply of household toilet facilities and services to absorb the increasing demand due to changing defecation behaviours. At the same time, it helps to avoid dependency on external support and promotes a sense of commercialization of solutions to enhance sustainability successes.

In Ghana, the SanMark programme includes latrine technology development, training of latrine artisans to provide needed technical services latrine construction and maintenance, business development initiatives within the District Assemblies, and introduction of village savings and loans schemes.