Builsa South

The warriors in a typical Feok festival costume.

Total number of communities
Number of ODF communities
% ODF achievement


UNICEF and the World Bank-IDA are currently the main partners supporting the Builsa South District to eradicate open defecation.


The Buisa South District has a total of 118 communities with a population of 36,514. As at July 2018, the Upper East Regional authorities had officially declared 29 of the communities, representing 25% ODF achievement.

UNICEF and the World Bank-IDA are the frontline partners currently supporting the district to work towards achieving 100% ODF status by regional deadline of December 2020.

To achieve this target, the district is currently implementing mainly the CLTS approach and sanitation marketing. For further information about the ODF status of the Builsa South District, you may call the District Environmental Health Officer, Onai Cofi, on 0246424150.