You would love the rocky surroundings in almost every corner of the Bongo District.

Total number of communities
Number of ODF communities
% ODF achievement


The Bongo District is currently supported by UNICEF and the World Bank-IDA  to work towards eradicating open defecation by 2020.  Your support in whatever form counts much.


The Bongo District has a total of 213 communities and a population of about 81,194. With 14 communities officially declared as ODF as at July 2018, the District is making frantic efforts to change the behaviour be the regional deadline of December 2020.

Bongo has adopted the CLTS approach to create demand for household latrines while it applies sanitation marketing to respond to the increasing demand.

UNICEF and the World Bank are currently supporting the Bongo District to end open defecation and implant a new habit of always using a toilet at home. You may contact the Bongo District Environmental Health Officer, Joseph Azure, on 0203070115.