Bawku West

The magnificent Bawku West District Assembly building.

Total number of communities
Number of ODF communities
% ODF acvhievement


The Bawku West District receives support from UNICEF, the World Bank-IDA and SPRING in the open defecation eradication efforts. You too can play a role.


With an estimated population of 94,043 spread over 159 communities, Bawku West District is currently about 43% ODF as 69 communities had been declared ODF as at July 2018.

With a little over two more years to the target date for region-wide ODF, the Bawku West District seems to be on course to achieving the target. The district, like most others, is implementing the CLTS approach, sanitation marketing and law enforcement to ensure that nobody defecates in the open come December 2020.

UNICEF, the World Bank and SPRING are currently the major partners supporting the district financially and technically to eradicate open defecation. You may the District Environmental Health Officer, Henry Asampana, on 0506280916 for more information on the open defecation situation of the Bawku West District.