Toilet Agenda

November 2018

Tit bits about the ODF Ghana Campaign

This edition of the Toilet Agenda shares with readers, how the Open Defecation-Free (ODF) Ghana Campaign is structured and being implemented, where it is concentrated and why there should be a national scale up. Read more>>

October 2018

Launch of a Media Coalition: Boost for ODF Ghana Campaign?

This edition of the Toilet Agenda discusses the opportunities that the Media Coalition against Open Defecation (M-CODe) brings and suggests ways that WASH sector institutions can take advantage of such a powerful platform to advance the fight against open defecation in Ghana. Read More>>

September 2018

Moving CLTS to scale: the three ‘Old Guards’ to remember

This edition of Toilet Agenda celebrates three gallant Ghanaian Civil Servants who worked tirelessly till their last days in active serve service to ensure that the approach works against all odds in their regions. Read more>>

August 2018

Making Ghana ODF – Focus on Chiefs

This edition of Toilet Agenda discusses the contribution of chiefs to the national struggle against open defecation. It suggests ways of targeting the chiefs through a national advocacy campaign for effective collaboration ..Read More>>

July 2018

Enforcement of Sanitation Bye-Laws – The Tamale Experience

This edition of Toilet Agenda shares lessons on enforcement of sanitation bye-laws within the Urban CLTS Project by the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly as shared at the 2018 Sanitation Stocktaking Forum held in Kumasi. Read more>>

June 2018

The power of institutional triggering for open defecation-free communities

This edition of Toilet Agenda shares positive results from various institutional triggering exercises organized in Ghana between 2012 and 2017. The article explores three positive examples to prove the power and efficacy of regular institutional triggering.

May 2018

Fauzia, the selfless sanitation campaigner

This edition of Toilet Agenda features a selfless Field Facilitator who would give off her all to ensure that communities under her jurisdiction stop open defecation – Fauzia Issahaque in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region.